ALPINE MusicSafe Classic


ALPINE MusicSafe Classic
ALPINE MusicSafe Classic
ALPINE MusicSafe Classic
ALPINE MusicSafe Classic
ALPINE MusicSafe Classic
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MusicSafe Classic, unique earplugs for musicians
Unique earplugs for musicians

Must-have for every musician and DJ
As a musician and DJ, you face significant risk of hearing damage as you’re often
in an environment with loud music. Hearing loss has a direct impact on the performance of your profession or passion because your hearing is the most essential gear. Good hearing is essential and properly protecting your hearing is important during rehearsals, performances and concerts. Our luxury model MusicSafe Pro has been specifically developed for performers.

Revolutionary music earplugs
Twenty years of experience have allowed Alpine to develop ideal universal music earplugs. The extremely well thought-out and extensively tested shape of the earplugs, provides a natural flat absorption and a great fit.

AlpineAcousticFilters™ - Choose your own absorption level
MusicSafe Pro hearing protection are the only universal earplugs in the world with three different filter sets (Low, Medium and High) that you can switch at your own discretion. The three filter sets offer the proper absorption for various circumstances and noise levels. These unique AlpineAcousticFilters™ only absorb the harmful noise. At the same time, the music quality remains unchanged and it is still possible to have a normal conversation with fellow musicians. It is simply like turning down the volume. It is what makes these earplugs the ultimate hearing protection for professional musicians, sound technicians and DJ’s.

Extremely comfortable AlpineThermoShape™ material
MusicSafe Pro hearing protection of the special AlpineThermoShape™ material. This material takes on the shape of the ear, due to which the earplugs fit the hearing canal perfectly and stay at the right place in the ear. This gives them a perfectly comfortable fit. AlpineThermoShape material is hypoallergenic, preventing
itch in or around the ear. The earplugs can be worn the entire evening and night, without any problems.

Choose your own color
MusicSafe Pro is available in three editions. With black, white and silver-grey earplugs.

Pimp your box
Alpine developed an entirely new storage system for the MusicSafe Pro earplugs.
A convenient, compact storage box with space for no less than three filter sets, a set of earplugs and a spare earplug. All in one. And you can customize the storage box to your own style. Pimp your box, put your own name on it or that of the band or a nice picture.

Packaging contents:
Three universal thermoplastic
hearing protectors
Three pair acoustic filters
Convenient storage box
Alpine carrying strap
Alpine insertion sleeve